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IITC, India International Trade Center, is one of the premier Job Oriented Vocational Education Institutes in India. Since its inception in 1966, IITC has built several successful careers through its extensive network of centers across India. IITC continues to pioneer innovations across its pre-eminent professional courses in the fields of Aviation & Travel - Tourism, Designing and Global Business Training Programs.

A wide array of professional courses are crafted in tune with the need of the times and profession. All courses are designed with extensive research and intensive consultation with industry experts. IITC also offers placement and internship assistance. IITCians have opportunities to participate in a remarkable range of activities: from academic training, seminars and workshops to an extraordinary range of co-curricular activities. Multidisciplinary access provided to participants - a part of our recent initiative: presents them with the opportunity to interact with top professionals and strike collaborations across disciplines that will be key to future advances.

IITC teaches its participants a whole new way to take in the world. It's high-tech, global, and innovative, always about taking the lead and putting ideas into action. It's about being challenged, working hard, and achieving more than you thought was possible. All while keeping in tune with current industry trends and meeting and exceeding any goals you may have set for yourself and to prepare you for personal success and direct usefulness in life.

Mr. S. K. Urval, founder - Chairman and Directors Vikrant Urval,  Sandesh Urval and Samrat Urval - whose vision of creating and nurturing minds stands realized when they see thousands of IITCians placed in top companies globally.  

Values of IITC

Success Without Honesty is a Failure, Profit Without Integrity is a Loss.

MR. S. K. URVAL, Founder Director and Chairman of IITC

MR. S. K. URVAL, Founder Director and Chairman of India International Trade Center (IITC), completed Post-Graduation in Economics from the University of Bombay. He had the fortune of being taught by the well-known American Economics Professor Dr. Alvin Hansen, of the Harvard University under the Ford Foundation Scheme.

He had specialized in International Economics and was a University Scholar. He is a farsighted educationist, who visualized the requirement of professional courses, to enable enthusiastic youngsters to get established early in life. With this in mind Mr Urval established the IITC in 1966.

In the past 5 decades, he has branched out IITC, all over India, keeping in mind the growth and development of various regions. He has designed the respective course opportunities to percolate the needs by providing latest technologies, qualified faculties and also placement opportunities, boosting them to appreciable heights.

Mr. Urval, as the Director of the IITC, has widely travelled around the world and has gained valuable expertise about education and other allied subjects. As a Proprietor, Director of IITC, Mr. Urval is dynamic, farsighted, enthusiastic, and considered to be the most successful educationist of his time. His approach to the Institute is very, optimistic and practical. He has succeeded in achieving perfection - love and goodwill of millions on IITCians.

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