Worldwide, Tourism sector is the largest single employment generating sector and with Indian economy getting progressively aligned with the global economy, this trend is certain to replicate in India as well. Tourism provides employment to millions of people in India both directly and indirectly through its linkage with other sectors of the economy.

However, the sector has certain specialized skill requirements which need to be imparted through proper training.

Our training is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to maximize career opportunities in this rapidly expanding industry.


  • Total Contribution of Travel & Tourism to Global Economy 9.25 Trillion US DOLLARS
  • Employment generated in the Indian Economy due to Tourism (Direct & Indirect) is approximately 87 Million
  • Foreign Tourist Arrivals to India during 2019 were 10.89 Million
  • Foreign Exchange Earnings of India during 2019 was nearly 30 Billion US Dollars

CAREER options in Aviation & Travel-Tourism Industry

  • Airline Ticketing/ Reservations
  • Airport Ground Handling
  • Air Hostess / Cabin Crew
  • Air Cargo Agents
  • Fare Auditors & Revenue Agents
  • Airfield Operations Specialist
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Travel Consultants
  • Tour Guides
  • Visa Consultants
  • Corporate Sales Desk

Courses Offered

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Placement Records

Our Recruiters


When I make new strides in my career, I always remember my institute with gratitude. It gave me a strong foundation of concepts that come very handy in my life.

Chintan Dave - J.N Rao Travels

IITC thoroughly prepared me to put in long hours. It also imbibed in me, the importance of working "smart”, and not just working "hard”. My stint at IITC prepared me to take on and get ahead of competition!

Reya Miria Mathew - Jet Airways

I feel really good about my experience at IITC. I think it was one of the best decisions of my life. IITC helped me to become a better professional by giving me varied opportunities and promoted my growth as an individual.

Rajdeep Kanwal - Royal Jordan

I want to express my appreciation for the program provided. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to train under such accomplished and experienced professionals. In addition, I consider the knowledge and expertise presented in the curriculum to be invaluable.

Alisha Sheikh - Air Arabia

The breadth and depth of the material covered met and exceed my expectations. The clear presentation of subject matter, combined with a relaxed atmosphere, provided a positive learning experience.

Gunjan Dhanwani - Indigo Airlines

I feel the kind of exposure I got from llTC was phenomenal . The exposure was not only limited to the boundaries of our country but global too.

Preeti P. Chaudhary - Jet Airways

Being associated with llTC is a matter of pride for me. All I can say is that this Institute gave us insight to position ourselves globally.

Padam - Kenya Airways

Training at IITC was a great stepping-stone toward my career. IITC courses improved my skills and helped me to become a confident professional.

Heena Parekh - Running her own Agency

At llTC I got so many more opportunities to network with faculty and other professionals. Also, faculty and Admissions really gets to know the student and direct them to the right area.

Naeem Shaikh - Korean Airways

I can work through problematic situations in much less time. Additionally, there is less effort needed on my part and i feel very confident with the results of my work. IITC has produced a superior program and teach it very competently and thoroughly.

Vandana Punjabi - Jet Airways, CSA

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