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Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
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Supply chain management involves purchasing and procurement, sourcing reliable suppliers across the globe and maintaining continuity of supply at the right price. Logistics involves a wide range of activities including inventory management, warehousing, distribution, transport, and customer service.

IMC is a premier Chamber of trade, commerce and industry in India. Set up in 1907, in the wake of the 'Swadeshi Movement' to represent Indian businesses. The IMC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, popularly known as The IMC, is a legendary organization which has relentlessly pursued the agenda of identifying opportunities, addressing critical issues and driving Indian businesses with the single minded focus of sustainable growth. IITC, being an all India management institute, has the distinction of being an International Export Trade Promoter over the past five decades.

IITC course in Supply Chain and Logistics offers a comprehensive overview of all links in International Trade Supply Chain. Informative and focused, the course is suitable for all types of professionals in the field of International Trade and is a must for those who seek to complement their career with a complete and detailed understanding of the subject.

The aim of this certificate course is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and competence to effectively manage the supply chain and logistics function of any large or small organisation. The course training will provide you with the latest techniques to implement cost savings, necessary to gain competitive advantage. The immediate visible benefits to companies are direct increase in bottom line profits that has a lean supply chain and efficient logistics systems in place.

This course is also ideal for Logistics and Transport personnel and anyone interested in developing a successful career in this growing area.

Eligibility Persons who have passed HSC (Xll) examination from a recognized Board or other approved examination equivalent to HSC (Xll)

Duration of Course 6 months

Training Fees 20,000/-


  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation Infrastructure
  • Business Finance
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping & Logistics - Statutes and Obligation

IITC offers Placement Assistance & Internship Opportunities

Why Join IITC?

  • Annual revision of course conforming to the present EXIM policy
  • Consultation with top professionals from the industry in construction of the curriculum
  • IITC’s well informed & experienced faculty keep students abreast with the latest in the industry
  • IITC conducts Training Programs, Seminars & Workshops which cover the latest developments in the field of India’s Exports and Imports

IMC Registration & Exam Fees

Every candidate desirous of registering for the IMC course will have to register by paying a Registration fee of Rs. 2,000/- plus Examination Fees of Rs. 2,500/- to IMC.(Govt.taxes would be payable as applicable) along with the IITC Training Fees.

Subject to completion of course, Course completion certificate will be awarded by institute (IITC). Final Exams are conducted by Commercial Examination Board Indian Merchant’s Chamber, this exam is held twice in a year. Once in May-June and November-December. Upon Clearing this exam, IMC will award Marksheet & Certificate.

Job Opportunities

Some of the Industries that are in perennial need of trained professionals are: Manufacturing, Automotive, Courier, Retail, Construction, Companies which involves Procurement, Warehousing, distribution and transport, etc…

Leading edge companies which successfully gain competitive advantage and which are able to implement immediate cost savings, advice sale are those which possess knowledgeable and skillful logistics professionals.

As more and more responsibility is placed on the Logistics function, viagra the need has intensified for its practitioners to be highly skilled in the various elements of Supply Chain Management and to be completely up to date with best practices in the industry both national and international.

The Institute's course in Logistics and Supply Chain will up-skill participants and provide them with the necessary expertise to meet the Logistics challenges of the future.

The course will explore and critically examine the latest Logistics success recipes with a view to their application in the participant's own organisation.

The course is particularly suitable for logistics and/or transport personnel who require flexible learning to fit around their work commitments.

Holders of the Certificate will be entitled to use the letters ACLSC (IMC) after their names.

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